Loop 2016 Impressions

Loop 2016 has been over for some days now, but I’m still reeling from all the experiences there. It’s really hard to pinpoint what made the event so special. Was it the talks, the discussions, the performances, the workshops or the people I met there? I think, this is a case of where the sum is greater than its parts. This second edition of Loop has been my first time and I’m sure I won’t forget it.

Since a lot of you weren’t as lucky as me and couldn’t attend, I want to share my impressions with you. Of course, they can only be subjective and selective, as there was so much to take in and choose from. It was quite overwhelming. Friday night, I already felt like I had so much to process and draw inspiration from. And now I’m trying to get as much music making time as possible to keep the momentum going.

Loop was a successful mix of topics for talks and discussions, performances and presentations. Sampling, field recordings, beats in different genres, composition, live performances, hardware, software and so much more.

I’ve been sitting here, trying to put everything that happened into words, and I find it impossible. I was pleasantly surprised how many people knew Sonic Bloom, and thanked me for my work. I knew the numbers, but it hadn’t really sunk in that I’m really doing something valuable for the Ableton community. Thank you for the encouragement!

All I can say is that I’m hoping to part of it again next year. It was amazing on so many levels. There was almost too much going on. So much to take away from Loop… Check out the slider above as well as these short videos. Ableton will release videos for the talks etc. again in due time.

If you’ve been to Loop as well, what were your highlights?


Fragile Territories by Robert Henke


Chagall performing live with the mi.mu gloves


Kimbra, Deadelus & co. jamming live together


Suzanne Chiani live at Loop 2016


Lee Scatch Perry & Subatomic Sound System live at Loop Berlin


Live Jam Session at Loop 2016

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