Images of Ableton Live 9.5 and Push 2 Leaked

Last night screenshots from Ableton Live 9.5 made the rounds and according to Joshua Casper’s sources they’re actually true. I wanted to confirm this for myself though and found photos of Ableton Push 2 on Amazon Germany. It’s all true. Exciting news! So now the only question is when will the major update and Push 2 hit.

Ableton Push 2 Waveform Display

Ableton Push 2 in Action

Ableton Push 2 Metering

Ableton Push 2 from the side

What’s the new feature you can’t wait for?

Update: Ableton Live 9.5 and Push 2 are now available. That was fast!

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6 responses

  1. this looks really good ! i wonder if it will have 16 level style control over the pads with control over filters on the pads in incremental stages.and abilty too view groove quantize patches from the push.which is a feature i feel could really push the live experience too another level and allso more control over searching for sounds individual sound formats .with ability too preview that would all so be great feature if either of these are at all possible .its a great tool allready i hope this takes the sound design features too a whole new level ! ..lots really smart ..

  2. Hmm soll ich PUSH doch nochmals kaufen ? Lass mich überraschen……

    Wie siehts denn Hardwaere technisch aus ? Änderungen ?

    Das erste hab ich innert 5 Tagen zurück geschickt, war totaler BS (Workflow nonresistent)

  3. Hahaha!! LEAKED!!! It was officially released on 1st November with a Keynote at the Loop Festival in Berlin. You are VERY LATE.

    1. No, actually you are very late to this post. At the time of writing this article, no official information was available online yet about the release. So the images were leaks. The announcement came about 6 hours later. Nice try, smartass. ^_^

  4. really digging your production-some of the most talented edm artists I worked with in the past were of the female gender-Sandra Collins, Heather Heart, and Electric Indigo. I am a product of the 90’s-early millennium NYC rave and club scene. I sorta had to get a day job as the scene died so did many of the venues and opportunities for underground dj’s -one legend being Frankie Bones. Anyways, really digging your sound. Still making tracks, and doing sound engineering on the side-plus im a classical pianist which gives me the most joy.

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