House Operator Vol. 1 – New Ableton Live Pack by Max for Cats (Full & Free Version)

Max for Cats is generally known for his fantastic Max for Live devices. What many may not know is that he also has a passion for synths that borders on obsession. He indulges it with the new Ableton Live Pack, House Operator Vol. 1.

House Operator Vol. 1 Live Pack

The sound of FM synthesisers like the Yamaha DX100, the TX81Z and, of course the DX7 was groundbreaking for house music. Cutting leads, fat basses, typical house chords and pads. All that is included for the perfect house track. Load one of the presets and you feel transported back to a rave of that time. 6 sample Live Sets provide inspiration and 25 Live Clips can be used immediately as a basis for your next track. The pack contains over 80 Operator presets that recreate the sound of 80s and 90s House.

A small selection of five of the numerous presets is available for free in the House Operator Vol. 1 Freebie. It requires Live 9.5 or up and Operator.

Listen to the demos:

The operator presets (.adv) in the freebie version are available in a zip file. After decompressing you can easily load it by double-clicking or using drag and drop in Live.

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