With the help of MIDI controllers you can change a parameter really quickly, but if you would like to omit certain values? This is where the Max for Live MIDI effect Value Blocker by J Garcia comes in handy. It's made to block certain values on a dial or slider, e.g blocking 1/3, 1/6, 1/12 etc. of the arpeggiator sync rate. Once set, these undesirable values will be skipped. Of course it can be used on any parameter.

Value Blocker

Click on Map and then on parameter you want to map. Next use the control field to choose a value you want to block and press the block button. Repeat until you've blocked all the values you'd like to omit. Blocked values will show up in the text box below the buttons and you can even write them in yourself, they will always display as integers. To reset the list, simply press the reset button.

Download Value Blocker

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