I'm very pleased to announce the release of my first premium Live Pack (and free version - download below) for Ableton Live 9.7 Intro and up. For this, I've sampled my favourite acoustic instrument, the array mbira. I discovered the existence of the array mbira by San Diego based Array Instruments, that has a brilliant soft bell-like tone, in the early noughts and it took me five years to finally call a 4-octave one my own. I've used it in various songs of mine over the years and I’ve also taken it with me on tour.

Charlie helping with sound check for the array mbira

I've been meaning to create a professional sounding digital version of it for quite some time, so I could have the sound at my fingertips, when flying with the acoustic instrument was too costly. And for others to have this possibility as well, since no one else had created a Live Pack for array mbira before.

My mbira is made from African sapele wood and an acoustic body out of douglas fir, which gives it not only its soft tone, but also a lovely medium sustain through the built-in stereo piezo pickups. I'm very happy with the sound of the preset recreations. Check them out in the demos below!


Listen to the demos:

Round robin, once in the traditional sense and once randomised, is included in the presets to alternate between the doubly or even triply existing notes. The notes in all four octaves are arranged close to each other, which invites strumming. This is reproduced in the "Octave Strum" instrument rack and MIDI effect rack. Beside the Array Mbira Acoustic presets for the pure sound, there are also a lot of FX presets, perfect far various sound design purposes, from angelic to mean sounding.

Sonic Bloom Array Mbira contains 34 carefully designed instrument racks, 1 MIDI effect rack and 3 Live Sets and is available for EUR 29 from the Sonic Bloom shop.