Max for Live Developer’s Competition by Archipel

For all Max for Live developers, until July 15 there's the opportunity to participate in the competition by Archipel to win prizes and the release of the submitted patch.


1st: Archipel membership for 3 years. Physical goods. Patch to be commercialized. Money prize and the chance to become a team member of the product line.

2nd: Archipel membership for 1 year. Physical goods. Patch to be commercialized. Chance to develop more product and work internally.

3rd: Archipel membership for 1 year. Patch to be commercialized.


  1. Related to Archipel. Please have a listen to these releases and see how you could create tools for the artists to unlock new creative ideas.
  2. Filters, delays, reverbs, spatial tools are all material of great interest.
  3. Patches have to be made from scratch. Please do not use existing patch and modify them.
  4. You may work as a team.
  5. No visual related patches. Audio only.
  6. Please register yourself to the Archipel magazine for qualification.
  7. All patches have to be sent before dead line (see below). Any public exposure of your patch will disqualify you.

Submission Deadline:

July 15th 2014

You can find more information on Archipel's website

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