I'm always on the lookout for interesting new Max for Live devices. Plus I like things that improve your workflow so nothing gets in the way when you're feeling inspired. MIDI Clip Looper is a M4L device that allows you to do live looping with MIDI Clips in Live 9. On the fly. Without a click or an initially set tempo. And it's free.


  • Loop without click or quantise. Tempo and bar length will be set based on the first MIDI clip loop.
  • Store up to 8 loops and switch between them at will.
  • Duplicate the current playing clip to the next clip slot.
  • Quantise the recorded MIDI clip.
  • Modular - add the device to each track you want to Live Loop with.
  • Arm track using MIDI toggle switch (e.g. AkaiMPK49).

Watch the video tutorial:

Download the MIDI Clip Looper (requires Live 9 and Max 6.1).

This way for heaps more Max for Live devices & tips.