A few weeks ago, the MSE Synthesizer System by Max for Cats came out. There were a few minor issues which Christian Kleine has fixed in this update. He's also added a few improvements and created further presets for the Quad synth (changelog below).

MSE Synthesizer System v.1.1 is a free update for anyone who's previously purchased the pack. You should have received a notification email about this. If not, you can simply enter the email address you'd used for the purchase to download the update (which, btw, also works if you need to re-download any purchased pack). The link is also available in the Sonic Bloom menu under Contact > Recover Downloads.


MSE Synthesizer System v.1.1


  • fixed readability when using dark skins
  • new meaningful default values for the Quad synth
  • new presets for Quad
  • master gain on MSE and Quad can go to +6 dB now