If you are not familiar with music theory, but would like your tracks to always sound musical, I've created presets for all major and minor keys for the Scale MIDI effect - 24 in total. Play and record whatever you like, chuck one of the presets in front of your MIDI instrument and it will always be in tune.

A few more tips, before I let you have fun with the Scale effect:

  • Minor scales help create a rather sad or melancholy feel, major scales work best for happy and cheerful tunes.
  • Often, the root note, e.g. C in C major or minor, is played first in a pattern or melody.
  • Going from the major key to the minor of the key (e.g., C maj to C min) or vice versa in part of your song/track can make for interesting mood changes.

So if you follow this advice, your melodies, chords, stabs or what have you will always sound more convincing. And here's a tutorial I've written about it.

Download the free 24 Scale presets

These presets work with Live 8 and Live 9. Unzip, then either drag and drop directly from the Windows Explorer or Mac Finder into a MIDI track in Live or add it to the Scale folder in your Library (you can find the Library's location in the Live Preferences > Library). In Live 9 you can also simply add the folder to the browser.

Any questions or comments? Let me know below.