Ableton Live Insider Tips: Creating a Drag ‘n’ Drop 64 Drum Pad Default Preset

When the Push update with the 64 pad layout came out, I made a tutorial showing the quickest way to combine Drum Racks for it. Recently Sonic Bloom follower Pol Tow shared his way to quickly throw together Drum Racks. It’s not actually combining them, but done with routing and the creation of a group track preset. Since it’s even faster than my solution, I thought I’d share it here with all of you, although it does not functions differently and has a few drawbacks. Either way, it’s up to you which approach you prefer.

English Version:

Deutsche Version:

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2 Responses

  1. Rather than clicking into the group and selecting one of your drum tracks (which is perhaps an unweildy requirement in live performance), why not drop an empty drum rack onto the input track?

    You might have to hit a second drop down in your MIDI routing to compensate, but that should fix the interface.

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