Ableton Live Insider Tips: The Fastest Way to Combine Drum Racks

Now that Live 9.2 is out and Ableton Push sports a new 64 pad layout, people are already asking what the fastest way is to combine Drum Racks to have all the pads filled. I’ve been trying out different ways and this one is by far the quickest.

English Version:

Deutsche Version:

Questions or suggestions are of course welcome in the comment section below.

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3 Responses

  1. Thanks Madeleine! I never thought of changing the notes for the second drum rack I wanted to combine with a first drum rack. Super helpful!

  2. Hi, another way is to open the adg file (right click in AL and show in explorer) with notepad++ and search for string “” 128 is the first slot from top to bottom.
    If the adg file is not readable in notepad++, close the file and use 7zip, choose “extract here” delete the original and add .adg to the file, (don’t worry the file will still open in Ableton) Change the numbers, for example 92 to 77 is from C1 to D#2 Change from top to bottom negative.

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