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I’m happy to announce that my first Ableton Live course is now online. “Ableton Live 9 Essentials” is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to produce their own music with Ableton Live. I’ve also teamed up with Christian Kleine, musician and Max for Live developer at Ableton, to offer you a variety of services.

“Ableton Live 9 Essentials” includes:

  • 36 hands-on true HD tutorials / over 5 hours total runtime
  • For all beginner to intermediate Ableton Live 9 users
  • Works with all internet browsers on computers and mobile devices
  • Almost 70 MB of samples and loops
  • Useful links (free software helper tools, free audio and MIDI files)
  • Access to all downloads at Sonic Bloom

More information about “Ableton Live 9 Essentials”

Sample Video: Clip Essentials

Services we offer you at Sonic Bloom:

Do you have any questions or comments? Let me know. I’m happy to hear them. 🙂

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One Response

  1. Good luck, Madeleine!

    I’m sure your students will get all the answers they need once they start the course.

    Greetings from Kiev 🙂


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