5 Tips To Speed Up Your Workflow in Ableton Live Drum Racks

Most of us never have enough time to make music. So it’s vitally important that when we have some, we don’t spend it on things that we could do a whole lot faster. Here are 5 videos helping you to get a more effective workflow when working with Drum Racks in Ableton Live.

The Fastest Way to Combine Drum Racks

Watch how to combine smaller Drum Racks swiftly to fully exploit the 64 pad layout of Ableton Push.


The Fastest Way from Impulse to Drum Rack

Convert an Impulse Preset into a Drum Rack to make use of the unique time-stretching capabilities of Impulse.


Toggle Between Drum Rack and Pad

Use the handy shortcut to seamlessly switch between a Drum Rack and the last selected pad.


How to Quickly Add Effects to Drum Rack Chains

This way you can quickly add new chains to a Drum Rack.


Default Presets for Drum Racks & Device View

This video is about the default presets for dragging samples on a Drum Rack or the Device View.


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