Ableton Loop: Code the Boutique

Date(s) - November 10, 2017
16:30 - 17:30

Funkhaus Berlin


Many users of Ableton Live use Packs as a way to enhance their music making experience by adding professionally designed sounds and devices to their toolset while still allowing for personal and idiosyncratic control to creating sound and music.

This panel discussion will survey the vareity of content out there, how it gets developed and how users can ultimately benefit from it. Each of the panelists brings a different angle on producing ‘Live specific’ content, from curation, tuition, to recording and production. We’ll be exploring the motivations and processes behind each of the individual organisations, and investigate the possible future developments for their work.


Darren E Cowley (Isotonik Studios)
Madeleine Bloom (Sonic Bloom)
Micah Frank (Puremagnetik)

Rory St. John

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