MapSpace: Free Max for Live Device to Map the Spacebar to a MIDI Controller

A while ago I was asked if I knew a Max for Live device that allows mapping Play/Stop, so basically the behaviour of the spacebar, to a MIDI controller. As it turns out, there were only devices that do that for Shift + Spacebar aka Play/Pause. As this seemed easy enough to programme with Max, I’ve made one myself and am sharing it with all of you now.

Sonic Bloom MapSpace

MapSpace is a Max for Live audio effect that can be added to any Live Set. The button can then be mapped to your favourite MIDI controller to toggle between beginning and stopping the playback in Ableton Live.

If you have a Push like me, you don’t need this little Max for Live utility, because Push already has buttons for both Play and Stop, but anyone else might find this convenient. MapSpace requires Ableton Live 10 Standard and Max for Live or Live 10 Suite.

This way for heaps more Max for Live devices & tips.

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