I must say I was surprised by the huge interest in the generative MIDI effect racks I made a few months ago. I've since experimented quite a bit more with generative racks and thought I'd share some of my results once again. SB ReGenerators 2 contains 3 fully macro mapped MIDI effect racks - a two chord generator, a four note generator as well as a two arp generator - for Ableton Live 9.7 Intro (or even Lite) and up.

Add them to a MIDI track with an instrument preset, create a MIDI clip with a C, adjust the key and mode as desired with the macros, press play and the music magically appears. Further parameters are also mapped to the macros.

Listen to the Demo:

The zip-file contains three adg-files, which are MIDI effect racks and can simply be dragged into a MIDI track or the User Library in Live.

Download the free SB ReGenerators 2

Please leave me a comment below if you have questions or suggestions.

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