Christian Kleine aka Max for Cats is back with a free update for all current ConChord users. ConChord, the pulse driven chord step sequencer, now features 16 steps instead of just 8, which gives you a maximum of 112 pulses, amongst other new features (see below). This means that ConChord makes even more complex patterns possible with little effort.

If you've already purchased Conchord, you should have received an email about the update.You can also download it by entering your purchase email address here.



ConChord v.1.1


New features:

  • Conchord now can be expanded to 16 Steps using the size button.
  • Also more parameters can be randomised in the Chord section. These are:
    • Chord On/off
    • Chord Type
    • Chord Inversion


  • fixed readability when using dark skins/themes