BigMeter: Free Max for Live Effect by Max for Cats

While Max for Cats is busy developing new advanced devices, he tends to come up with nice ideas for simpler ones. BigMeter, a big volume meter with a phase correlation meter, is one of them that he followed through to the end. And it's free (donation possible).

It can be switched between LED and Needle modes and opened in a floating window. You can use as many instances of BigMeter as you have tracks including return tracks and master. So chuck one into every track if you like. The track title is shown on top of the device to distinguish the different meter instances.

BigMeter requires Ableton Live 9 and up as well as Max for Live.

Download the free BigMeter by Max for Cats

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Madeleine Bloom is a musician, producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer from Berlin. She studied Electroacoustic Music at the Franz Liszt Conservatory. In the last few years she's worked as a technical support for Ableton and has helped countless people with her in-depth knowledge of Ableton Live, various other music apps as well as audio engineering.


  1. Vroxyle April 9, 2017 at 17:12 - Reply

    Just a quick question: How does one use this and why is it useful!?

    • Madeleine Bloom April 10, 2017 at 01:45 - Reply

      It’s a volume meter with added phase correlation. You can use it on any track (or as many as you like) to see if a track is going too much into the red or if the audio has phasing issues.

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