Ableton Live Insider Tips – Options.txt Part 3 (Video Tutorial) – Secret Features

Part 3 of the series “Ableton Live insider tips” deals with two other commands that you can add to the Options.txt file that will make working with VST plugins much easier. Particularly the automation of their parameters.

English Version:

Deutsche Version:

Download the Options.txt file with the commands from all the video tutorials (Right-click and choose Save Link as) Don’t forget to only keep either -NoAutoArming or -EnableArmOnSelection as they conflict with each other.

Questions or suggestions for this tutorial? Then write me a comment.

Check out the tutorial Options.txt Part 1 for all the basics. Go on to Ableton Live Insider Tips – Options.txt Part 4.

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8 Responses

  1. Hi! That’s very helpful. But what about the second one “-NoVstStartupScan”? What does it do? And: is there a way to keep a line in options.txt but disable it, commenting it out? Cheers!

  2. It doesn’t scan the default and/or custom VST folders when Live starts. Can be helpful if you have a lot of them installed or you encounter crashes because of plug-ins.

    I’ve never heard of the possibility to comment lines out.

  3. hi madeleine, gibts ne möglichkeit das scannen der au’s ebenfalls zu deaktivieren?
    hab so manches probiert aber nichts gefunden.

    1. Hi Rupert, da konnte ich leider auch nichts dazu finden. War wohl bei der Entwicklung nicht so von Belang. Die Options.txt wurde ursprünglich nur zum einfacheren Testen beim Programmieren eingeführt.

  4. Hi, thanks very much for this! This will be very helpful in automation of VSTs.

    One issue though is VST’s which have more than 128 parameters. I would assume this enables only the first 128? Is there any way to select which are enabled?

    Thanks again,


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