Ableton Live Quick Tips: Multisample Instrument Without Sampler

This tutorial is a tip for everyone who doesn’t have Sampler, but would like to create their own multisample MIDI instruments in Ableton. It’s a simple, but effective workaround I used myself for years.

English Version:

Deutsche Version:

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Madeleine!

    This way of using simpler as a sampler is wonderful. I wanted to ask you about a chains. Or to start .. I should add an empty instrument rack and than make many chains, on which I put one note per chain. Is that correct? Or in other way, did you make any example rack for this tutorial, so I can change just the samples ?

    thank you, Matej

    1. With Simpler you can only add one sample per Simpler preset. If you have samples you want to add, add an Instrument Rack to a MIDI track, make sure the chains are visible and then simply drop all your samples in. This will create as many chains as samples with Simpler presets containing the individual samples.

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