Splitting and consolidating are essential when editing clips. No matter if purely for arranging purposes or creative fun with audio clips. There are a lot of ways to utilise these functions like creating new loops or when extreme mangling audio by warping, pitch-shifting etc. For both the track needs to be unfolded.


  • To split a clip in two, click at the desired position in the waveform or MIDI display, then use Ctrl + E (Win) or Cmd + E (Mac) to split it.
  • Splitting

  • To separate a clip (results in three clips), click and drag in the waveform or MIDI display to highlight a part, then use Ctrl + E (Win) or Cmd + E (Mac) to perform the split.

Splitting in three


Select a part in the arrangement by clicking and dragging (this can include several clips and silence), then use Ctrl + J (Win) or Cmd + J (Mac) to consolidate. MIDI clips simply are combined into one clip. For audio clips a new sample is created that incorporates all changes in the clip's Sample and Envelopes box excluding the effect and mixer processing.


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