5 Free Ableton Live Skins by Sonic Bloom Readers

As you probably already know, I've created a lot of free skins for Ableton Live over the years. They're the most downloaded freebies of mine despite all the free Live Packs I've made. So I've gotten lots of comments and emails of Sonic Bloom readers to say thank you. And a few have sent me skins they created themselves and wanted to share with me and others. So I'm passing them on to you as well.

These five skins are all based on the disco skin and thus various shades of grey. The first one in the image was made by Marco Ravo, whose artist name is Erstav, which is also the name of the skin. The other four were made by Andrew Shartner.

And Sonic Bloom reader and producer Yann Leon has created five more skins that use the disco skin as the basis, which you can download for free from his website.

Download the 5 free Ableton Live skins

You can find even more skins here. If you don't know how to install new skins, here's a quick tutorial.

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Madeleine Bloom is a musician, producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer from Berlin. She studied Electroacoustic Music at the Franz Liszt Conservatory. In the last few years she's worked as a technical support for Ableton and has helped countless people with her in-depth knowledge of Ableton Live, various other music apps as well as audio engineering.


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    I get a message: this product is currently not for sale.

    • Madeleine Bloom July 28, 2017 at 10:33 - Reply

      Thanks for letting me know and my apologies. I forgot to press publish. Fixed now!

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