Rhodesque Live Pack as Free Download (No. 2)

The Rhodesque Live Pack contains 5 macro mapped instrument racks that are all using the same note played on a Rhodes. I created them to show you how many different sounds can be achieved by tweaking the parameter of a

Free Ableton Live Pack – Clap Happy (No. 1)

It’s Christmas Eve and I have a present for you already today in accordance with German tradition. ‘Clap Happy’, a free Live Pack with sampled real and drum machine claps featuring group claps (Ableton developers & me), single claps (me),

3 Free Sets of Metronome Sounds

In a recent tutorial I explained how you can swap out the metronome sounds in Live with your own. I’ve now created three sets of sounds that only need to be copied into the right folder after unzipping. All contain

Two free Ableton Live Packs for creative beat making

Even if you already have great drum sounds that you generally use for making beats, it’s never wrong to switch it up a little, at least sometimes. Who knows? It might give you new and unexpected ideas. Actually, it most


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