Ableton Live Tutorial: How to Change the Metronome Sound

The metronome sound in Ableton Live is pretty piercing and can easily bleed into your audio recordings. Especially when recording vocals. Have you ever wondered how you can change the sound to something more pleasing and less shrill? Here’s how:

Ableton Live Tutorial: Rewire with Logic

Ableton Live can be both Rewire Master and Slave. However, Logic can only be Master. This tutorial will explain how to get Live rewired to Logic. So let’s cut right to the chase…

Ableton Live Tutorial: How to avoid missing samples

Ever seen the message that media files were missing? When you make music you want to be sure that none of your audio samples are missing. Ableton Live – just as other DAWs – only references those audio files. This

Ableton Live Tutorial: Setting up Plug-ins

If you want to use plug-ins in Live, they need to be set up first whether it’s VSTs or Audio Units (Mac only). It’s an easy and quick process when you know how. This tutorial will guide you step by

Ableton Live Workflow Tips Part 5 – Adding Multiple Clips

When dragging and dropping multiple audio clips onto the grid, Live will by default add them all to one track. In Session View vertically, in Arrangement View horizontally along the timeline. There will be times though when you want them


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