Get Drum Articulate, the Chord Memorizer pack and ConChord as the perfect set of MIDI tools for creating drum programming, patterns and chord progressions in this bundle and save 20%.
48.99 EUR (approx. 52.09 USD)*
The "Max for Cats Complete Collection" includes all the Max for Live Packs by Max for Cats currently available on Sonic Bloom - 14 Packs, 22 amazing Max for Live MIDI instruments as well as MIDI and audio effects.
199 EUR (approx. 211.58 USD)*
Purchase Noland, unique synths and harmoniser, the advanced multiband compressor TriComp and CatStretch, the time-stretching instrument, as a bundle, get 7 great Max for Live devices at 20% off.
58.99 EUR (approx. 62.72 USD)*
Bring the feel of analogue or early digital media, and classic iconic synth tech into the modern age with Color, Color Digital, SynthieCat and the MSE Synthesizer System in this bundle and save 25%.
72.99 EUR (approx. 77.60 USD)*
From glitch delay sounds to emulating tape and BBD delays. 4 exciting Max for Live delay effects, Grain Relay, ResoTaps, Skram Delay and Stochastic Delay by Max for Cats. All for the price of just 2 Packs.
41.99 EUR (approx. 44.64 USD)*

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