17 audio effect rack channel strips created in cooperation with Mixitecture. They're flexible enough to give you the sound you want, but streamlined to make the mix process easy.
37 $
Sonic Bloom Drift contains 64 carefully designed presets and Instrument Racks for the versatile Drift synth. It covers a wide range of sounds from bass, leads, pads, to experimental.
24.99 (approx. 27.09 USD)*
Sonic Bloom Array Mbira recreates the hand-crafted modern musical version of what is also known as thumb piano or kalimba in 34 Instrument Racks with round robin, random tines and strum features.
29.99 EUR (approx. 32.51 USD)*
The House Operator Live Pack is a reminiscence to the sound of 80-90s House music and contains many carefully crafted Operator presets to deliver the vibe of those days.
19.99 EUR (approx. 21.67 USD)*

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