ConChord by Max for Cats

ConChord by Max for Cats

The pulse driven Chord Step Sequencer

ConChord is a pulse driven 16 chord step sequencer with a rich feature set that allows the creation of complex patterns with minimal effort.
Requires Ableton Livwe 9 Suite or Standard with Max for Live and up
19.99 EUR (approx. 21.37 USD)*


What you get:

  • 1 zip file containing:
    • 1 self-installing Live Pack containing the Max for Live MIDI effect and 15 presets with an integrated course in Live’s help section for Live 10
    • 1 amxd-file for Live 9
    • instruction manuals in German and English as PDF

System Requirements:

  • Live 9.7 or higher
  • Max for Live
  • OS X or Windows


ConChord is a pulse-based Max for Live chord step sequencer. The MIDI effect offers 8 or 16 steps, which are triggered by pulses and each step can have a different stage with a variable pulse length from 0 to 7 pulses per step. You can of course adjust Time, Swing as well as the play direction. This allows for quite interesting musical results since it is very easy to introduce complexity within the simple pattern of an 8 step sequencer with a maximum of 56 pulses. With 16 steps you get up to 112 pulses.

With the carefully chosen feature set, you are in full control of ConChord. The features from the pages of the MIDI effect can be mixed and matched, making very complex patterns possible.

One Finger Transposition

With MIDI Input enabled you can change the root note via MIDI, thus transposing the pattern supporting even greater variability and complexity. ConChord also comes with five banks of Push mappings, making jamming with it in the studio or on stage a breeze.

Create much more musical and intricate patterns on the spot

Besides the classic note/velocity/length parameters (Step page), each step can have a variable pulse count to allow rests, pauses and repetitions (Stage page). Additionally, each step can generate a chord, for which you can choose between 22 integrated chord types. Each chord can also be played back inverted and/or with variable strumming (Chord page). 

Finally, the Extra page allows mapping the steps to any other parameter in Live (similar to e.g. the LFO from the Core Library in Live) and you can select a scale for the note melody of the Step page.

The Pages:

  • Adjust the note pitches, velocity, length and octave per step
  • Randomise & reset for each parameter group
  • Global settings for velocity & length
  • Set the pulse count per step and its behaviour
  • Includes pauses, repetitions once or multiple times as well as hold
  • Activate chord function per step
  • Set the chord type (22 available)
  • Define the inversion and strumming factor of the chord
  • All functions but Inversion can be randomised and reset
  • Scale drop down menu (global)
  • Map to any parameter in Live and define values for each per step

New features in v1.1:

  • Expandable to 16 steps using the size button.
  • More parameters can be randomised in the Chord section:
    • Chord on/off
    • Chord Type
    • Chord Inversion

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Max for Cats

Max for Cats is the outlet of Christian Kleine, who has been creating and curating Max for Live content for Ableton since 2012. Christian Kleine has released many free devices on his own website and via

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