CatStretch 3 by Max for Cats

CatStretch 3 by Max for Cats

Explore new sonic worlds

CatStretch 3 is a 6-voice polyphonic time-stretching sample playback instrument. It lets you 'freeze' a sonic character at a specified position and play it back chromatically with MIDI notes.
Requires Ableton Live 10 Suite or Standard with Max for Live and up
33.99 EUR (approx. 36.19 USD)*


What you get:

  • 1 zip-file containing:
    • 1 self-installing Live Pack with integrated lesson in Live’s Help section (containing CatStretch 1 to 3 plus presets for each)
    • 1 self-installing Live Pack with updated versions for M1 users only

System Requirements:

  • Live 10 or higher (Live 11 for M1 users)
  • Max 8.02 and up
  • OS X or Windows


Videos to CatStretch and CatStretch 2 (both included in the pack).

Stretch any sound to infinity

CatStretch is specially tailored for extreme sonic manipulations in the spectral and time domain. You can adjust the position of a sample with the ‘Scrub’ dial. It uses a phase vocoder to achieve time stretching up to total time freeze. That includes reverse stretching.

Sculpt your samples in new and unheard ways

2 assignable Matrix LFO’s, 3 Envelopes, Effects and a Multimode filter. These features will help you to further shape and design exciting new soundscapes. Explore the CatStretch Presets and drag your own samples on the display to play them! CatStretch features a small but dedicated sound library for its presets.

CatStretch 3 Spex tab

Spex: This tab contains a Spectral Filter where you draw your own filter shape. Additionally, there are 3 default presets to choose from.

CatStretch 3 Mod tab

Mod: Here you can find the 2 LFOs and the Modulation Matrix. Each LFO offers 7 different wave shapes and they can be switched from beat sync to free mode.

CatStretch3 FX tab

FX: Access 3 different effects: a Granular effect, Chorus and a Reverb for adding depth and texture to your sound.

CatStretch3 EQ tab

EQ: It has a fully parametric 3-band EQ with spectrum visualisation.

CatStretch3 M-Env tab

M-Env: This tab offers a multi-breakpoint envelope with loop and grid functions.

CatStretch3 System tab

System: Adjust the time-stretch interpolation, add playback jitter, stereo spreading and ‘smearing’ to your sound.

New in CatStretch 3:

New features:

  • New multi-breakpoint envelope can be used to modulate
  • New Grain effect
  • New Spectral Filter
  • New interpolation methods in the system section for different stretch results
  • Redesign to work with different Live themes
  • Mono/Poly mode switch
  • Reverse stretching
  • Key/Fix switch to prevent MIDI pitch following
  • Stretch now a modulation target
  • Added Pitchbend


  • Key retrigger behaviour fixed
  • Better engine accuracy


  • If you experience crackles or a too high CPU load, raise your audio buffer to 512 or 1024 samples in Live’s Preferences > Audio.

Known issues:

  • Sample Rate changes of your audio driver can result in a different sound.

New in CatStretch 2:

  • UI Overhaul
  • Push mappings
  • Multimode Filter with 4 Filter Types (LP, HP, BP, Notch)
  • Filter ADSR Envelope with modulation, amount and dry/wet
  • Stretch ADSR – The Stretch Amount can be controlled via ADSR
  • Full parametric 3-Band EQ and Spectrum Display
  • Volume and parameter optimisations
  • PDF manual

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Max for Cats

Max for Cats is the outlet of Christian Kleine, who has been creating and curating Max for Live content for Ableton since 2012. Christian Kleine has released many free devices on his own website and via

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