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Pallas: New Semi-Modular Synth by Max for Cats & Giveaway

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After Bengal, Max for Cats' popular semi-modular FM synth, Christian Kleine and Nico Starke have teamed up again for Pallas, a semi-modular, analog-modelling synthesiser built on the modulation framework of Bengal. Pallas, a Max for Live device featuring eight-voice polyphony and three versatile oscillators

Verbotron by Max for Cats Updated – Free Max for Live Reverb

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Verbotron by Max for Cats, a great free Max for Live reverb, got overhauled. Version 1.1 now features Push mappings and a redesigned interface which features a handy visual representation of the reverb parameters. It uses the original Gigaverb algorithm

Drum Articulate by Max for Cats: New Max for Live Drum Design MIDI Effect – Free for Arp One Users

By |2019-03-28T18:58:22+02:00January 6th, 2016|Categories: Max for Live, News|Tags: , , , , , , , , |

Quite a long time in the making, the new Max for Live Pack by Max for Cats is finally out today. Drum Articulate is a MIDI effect for sophisticated drum and rhythm design for any musical style. Create drum rolls,

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