Xfade Bus System 2000 – Up To 8 Automatable Max for Live Crossfaders Per Set by Max for Cats For Free

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Recently, someone asked about a crossfader that could be automated in clips and used for several submixes independently. Christian Kleine a.k.a. Max for Cats quickly whipped up the code and I took care of the interface. We thought this might

Skram Delay & Stochastic Delay: Two Fantastic New Max for Live Packs by Max for Cats

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Christian Kleine, a.k.a. Max for Cats, has been busy. After the Max for Live modular synth OSCiLLOT, he's already finished two unique and creative delays now out on Sonic Bloom. Skram Delay and Stochastic Delay both take a fresh approach

HauntedVerb – Free Max for Live Effect by Max for Bats Not Only for Halloween

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Trick or treat? HauntedVerb by Max for Cats Bats creates ambiences from beyond. Either tweak it to your own claustrophic needs or use one of the presets. Perfect for Halloween, but also always handy when you could do with some

Noland & CatStretch – Amazing New Max for Live Packs from Max for Cats

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The first two Max for Live Packs of Max for Cats are very popular. Today two new Max for Live Packs are out - "Noland" and "CatStretch" - which were also developed specifically for Sonic Bloom by Christian Kleine with

Free Max for Live MIDI Effect ‘Chord Transposer’ for all Chord Memorizer Users

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By popular demand Christian Kleine a.k.a. Max for Cats has created a new Max for Live MIDI effect that is modelled after the chord memory function as featured in certain vintage synths. It's called Chord Transposer - the One-Finger-Chord-Wonder and

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