I offer digital and analogue Mastering for 45 Euros (or 55 US Dollars) including VAT per track for artists planning to submit their music to a record label or to radio stations, distribute their music online or get their own CDs or vinyl pressed. Discounts for mastering of complete albums are available on request.

Equipment Excerpt:

  • Soundcraft Ghost 32 Channel analogue recording console
  • UREI 1178
  • ADR Gemini
  • ADR Scamp System
  • DBX Compressors
  • K&H UE400
  • UAD Satellite
  • Metric Halo interface
  • Mic Mix Master Room XL
  • Roland RE-501
  • Ursa Major Space Station
  • Stocktronics Plate Reverb
  • SwissEcho
  • Dimension D
  • Eventide DSP7600
  • Deltalab acoustic computer

How to Prepare a Track for Mastering:

  • Remove all processing from the Master channel
  • Check your export setting to make sure that any Normalise or Dither options are turned off
  • Tracks should be exported as Wav- or Aiff-files at 44.1 kHz/16bit or higher
  • Be sure to leave at least 3 dB of headroom (The loudest part of your song on the master channel should read -3.0 dB)
  • Tracks “Artist/Band Name - Track Name”