Project Description

MSE Synthesizer System by Max for Cats

The MSE system brings classic technology and the associated playing style into the modern computer age.


The MSE Synthesizer System consists of three components: the synth module, the Quad, four of the MSE synths stacked together, and the SEQ8, a step sequencer.

MSE Synthesizer Module

The MSE Synthesizer module is a small but very powerful and versatile high quality synth. It can be played in mono mode or 8 voice polyphonically.

  • Mono or 8 voice poly mode
  • Glide/Pitchbend
  • 2 oscillators (saw/pulse with PW)
  • Oscillator sync for pulse wave
  • Multimode state variable filter with LP, notch, HP and BP
  • 2 LFOs with several waveforms, sync or free running
  • 2 ADS envelopes
  • A sub and noise oscillator
  • Several modulation targets


The big Quad is four of the MSE synths stacked together and each MIDI note will sequentially play one of the four MSE modules - just like the old 1975 Four Voice Synthesizer from Oberheim. Each module can have it's own key split and can be programmed fully independently. A Unison mode will play them all together for ultra-phat bass or lead sounds.

  • 4 MSE modules
  • Keysplit for each MSE
  • Individual glide for each MSE
  • 8 oscillators
  • Oscillator sync for pulse wave
  • 4 multimode state variable filters with LP, Notch, HP and BP
  • 8 LFOs with several waveforms, sync or free running
  • 8 ADS envelopes
  • 4 sub and noise oscillator
  • Several modulation targets

The Quad Editor opens in a floating window


And finally, the SEQ8 is an analogue style step sequencer with 8 steps, swing, integrated MIDI scaling and Map function. The pattern can be transposed with incoming MIDI notes. This sequencer can be used with any synth, be it software or external hardware synths.

  • Sync or free running
  • Key transpose
  • Randomise for each row
  • 1- 8 note steps
  • 1- 8 octave steps
  • 1- 8 velocity steps
  • 1-8 map steps for free parameter mapping with smoothing
  • Swing
  • Note scaling
  • Direction: FWD (forward), BWD (backward), BAF (back and forth), ALT (alternate), RND (random)
  • Step mutes


What you get:

  • a self-installing Live Pack with integrated lesson in Live's Help section
  • including presets

System Requirements:

  • Live 9.5 or higher
  • Max for Live 7
  • OS X or Windows

30 EUR (approx. 31.98 USD)*

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