Ever wanted to transpose all clips in one scene on the fly? The Max for Live MIDI effect Scene Transposer makes it possible.



  • Transpose clips in the selected scene by semitones.
  • Choose if you want to transpose only midi clips (M), only audio clips (A) or both (M/A).
  • MIDI clips are transposed destructively, the notes in the clips themselves are moved to the new pitch.
  • Audio clips go through a check if Warp is on or not. If not, it will just transpose the clip. If it's on you can reset the Warp mode by selecting a mode and checking the Reset Warp box before you click Transpose.
  • Alternatively you can use it to only change the Warp mode for all audio clips.

Get Scene Transposer for free.

This way for heaps more Max for Live devices & tips.