Max for Cats have been responsible for OSCiLLOT, a modular Max for Live synth and Ableton’s best selling Live Pack. And of course various fantastic Max for Live devices available on Sonic Bloom. Now they’re back with BENGAL, a semi-modular FM synth. While OSCiLLOT has a learning curve as you need to learn how to patch beyond the presets it provides, BENGAL can be played without touching a single patch cord. Of course, you can delve deeper into its sound universe by patching multiple patch chords in the Patch panel giving you a huge array of sound possibilities.

Check out the video:


Frequency modulation synthesis (aka FM synthesis) was introduced by John Chowning of Stanford University in 1973. It is a powerful synthesis method where the timbre of a simple waveform (such as a square, triangle, or sawtooth) is changed by modulating its frequency by another signal. A modulator frequency, a signal in the audio range, modulates an existing signal, resulting in a more complex waveform and a different-sounding tone.

BENGAL by Max for Cats

BENGAL's Core Features are:

  • 4 operators: each operator can synthesise waveforms by up to 20 partials or by wavetables: either numerous built-in waves or user wavetables via drag'n drop.
  • 6 algorithms: each Algorithm reorders the internal sound structure of carriers and modulators.
  • 2 multi-mode filters:
    • Filter 1: 5 filter modes plus an optional comb filter. Also you can mix the unfiltered with the filtered signal and add filter drive to overdrive the filter for soft saturation.
    • Filter 2: filter morph. The filters can be routed in parallel or in series.
  • 2 LFOs: with tri-saw morph, retrigger, rate modulation and more
  • 6 audio effects: sound design as part of the instrument
  • Step sequencer: for note input, modulation data or both
  • Modifier effects: Mix, Scale, Clip etc. your signals
  • Patch panel: over 50 output and more than 60 input points

Also have a look at the walk-through video:


BENGAL by Max for Cats is available at Ableton for EUR 49/USD 59

This way for heaps more Max for Live devices & tips.