Ableton Live can be both Rewire Master and Slave. However, Logic can only be Master. This tutorial will explain how to get Live rewired to Logic. So let's cut right to the chase...

  1. If you have never started Live before, it needs to be launched once in stand-alone so it can install the Rewire engine. You then need to quit it again.
  2. Since Logic will have to be the Rewire Master, it needs to be opened first.
  3. Once Logic is up and running, you can start Live. It will automatically detect that another audio software is already open and assume that you want it to run as a Rewire Slave.
  4. In Logic, open the Mixer and from the Options menu choose 'Create New Auxiliary Channel Strips...'. A drop down window will appear.
  5. Choose either Mono or Stereo as the Format. Stereo is the more likely choice as any audio within Live is passed in stereo. Although you can of course opt for mono anyway.
  6. Under Input choose 'Ableton Live' and the desired Input. To get the Master Output from Live, choose 'RW:Mix L/R'.
  7. If you want to route individual tracks from Live into Logic, you need to create the appropriate amount of aux channels and then choose the busses. What actually is sent through a particular bus is determined in Live.
  8. Now within Live: For each track in Live that you want to rewire separately in Logic, you need to set the 'Audio To' choosers to 'ReWire Out' and to the desired bus (e.g. Bus 3/4 (stereo) or Bus 3 (mono)). The Master Output in Live is automatically set to Mix L/R unless you choose otherwise.
  9. You can use Live's MIDI instruments when rewired to Logic. In Live, make sure you have a MIDI track with the desired MIDI instrument set up.
  10. Now create a New Track in the Arrange area in Logic.
  11. In the drop-down window choose External MIDI, keep 'Open Library' checked and click Create.
  12. In the Library tab, double-click 'Ableton Live' and choose the desired MIDI track.
  13. You can route the audio output from the MIDI track in Live back to Logic as described in step 8 for Live and steps 4 to 6 in Logic.
  14. When quitting, the Rewire Slave needs to be first. So quit Live and only then Logic.
  15. When running Live as Rewire Slave, the following things are different compared to using it as a stand-alone:

    • Live's tempo and transport will be locked to Logic. So playback and tempo changes will need to be done in Logic.
    • Third party plug-ins are disabled. You can use them in Logic though.
    • Live won't have audio inputs available as the audio interface is used in Logic and all audio in Live is handled by Rewire. The sample rate is set by the Rewire Master as well.
    • If you want to rewire another application, you'll need to do it through Logic as it's the Master.
    • You can still control Live via MIDI and MIDI can be sent from Logic to Live's MIDI tracks. No sync or controller messages are sent in Live to the MIDI output though.

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