You might already be familiar with Glitchmachines because of their Microsphere Live Pack, available through Ableton. They also have a free Nano Pack series with plenty of high quality sound effects by sound designer Ivo Ivanov - all as 24bit 96kHz .wav audio files.


  • sound effects with a high-tech, sci-fi aesthetic
  • robotic motion effects, metallic mutations, digital impacts, granulated liquids and morphing composites
  • 50 SFX / 250 MB

Dowload Cybernetics


  • sound effects with a high-tech sci-fi aesthetic
  • hyper-stylised sub bass impacts, massive cinematic drones and eerie mutated atmospheres
  • 50 SFX / 550 MB

Download Spore


  • modular synthesiser sound effects featuring modules from Make Noise, Malekko and The Harvestman
  • gritty one-shot modulations, electronic blips, bass stabs and glitches
  • 150 SFX / 160 MB

Download Proximity


  • composite sound effects with a dark, sinister aesthetic
  • unique hybrid of psychological horror and dark sci-fi, comprised of highly technical drones, articulations and textures
  • 50 SFX / 550 MB

Download Shadows