Arp One by Max for Cats

Arp One is a Max for Live MIDI Arpeggiator with pattern functionality by Max for Cats. It works similar to the Live Arpeggiator, but lets you define between one and 16 step values for:

  • Velocity
  • Note length
  • A mappable parameter value


The latter is unique to this device and you won't find this feature anywhere else. Furthermore Arp One offers a Swing percentage and the mapping step value can also be sent out as CC data to control a hardware synth parameter such as Cutoff, Volume etc. The tempo can be either synced to the global tempo in Live (and you can also choose between dotted or triplet values) or controlled manually.

Watch the Video Tutorial:


What you get:
  • zip file containing self-installing Live Pack with integrated lesson in Live's Help section (Live 9) and .amxd file (Live 8)
  • re-download anytime from your user account
System Requirements:
  • Live 8 or higher
  • Max for Live 5
  • OS X or Windows

"Arp One" is also available together with the "Chord Memorizer" (incl. Chord Transposer) for 10% less as part of the "Max for Cats MIDI Effects Bundle 1".

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Max for Cats

Max for Cats

Max for Cats is the new outlet from Christian Kleine who also creates and curates Max for Live content for Ableton since 2012. Christian Kleine has also released many free devices on his own website and via

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  6. A
    A March 7, 2015 at 1:10 pm · Reply

    For some reason Arp One will NEVER play the first note of a bar when I hit play in Live.

    I read that this might be a bug in Live. This is driving me crazy.

    Can Madeleine or anyone else confirm this? I bought Arp One, I like the devices Max For Cats produces, but I cannot get Arp One to play the first note when I hit Play even when there is a note programmed there.


  7. Tolga
    Tolga September 14, 2015 at 4:39 am · Reply

    Same issue… Makes the device mostly useless for me.

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