Color by Max for Cats


Color brings the feel of analogue media such as vinyl or tape to your digital recordings. Add different types of vinyl noises, hiss, drive and wobble to your music.

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MSE Synthesizer System by Max for Cats


The MSE Synthesizer System consists of three components, the synth module, the QUAD, four of the MSE synths stacked together, and the SEQ8, a step sequencer.

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Drum Articulate by Max for Cats


Drum Articulate is a MIDI effect device that allows you to programme advanced drums and rhythms for any music style with ease.

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Stochastic Delay by Max for Cats


The Stochastic Delay can be used on all kinds of audio material - beats, voice or instruments for crazy delay effects you haven’t heard before. Or emulate old tape or BBD delays.

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Skram Delay by Max for Cats


Skram Delay is a dual channel delay with modulated delay times. It lets you dial-in various flavours of delay randomness, its speciality 'instant glitch' sounds.

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CatStretch by Max for Cats


CatStretch is a 6-voice polyphonic time-stretching sample playback instrument. It lets you 'freeze' a sonic character at a specified position and play it back chromatically with MIDI notes.

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Noland by Max for Cats


2 unique synths and 1 harmoniser effect for singular and surprising sounds with built in filters, delay and reverb. All controlled with individual, automatable XY pads.

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Chord Memorizer by Max for Cats


One-Finger-Chord-Wonders. Play complex chord progressions with single keys with Chord Memorizer. Record, re-trigger and transpose a chord with a single key press with Chord Transposer.

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